Posted by: yhaindia | May 18, 2010

Youth Hostels Association of India Trekking Expedition..

This is an announcement regarding trekking programmes organized by “Youth Hostels Association Of India”. YHAI has been announcing these trekking programmes from last 40 years. Having such a vast experience in organizing such programmes doesn’t make them sofisticated hi profile organization who is draining all your pockets for a 11 day trekking programme. We are such a organization who would like to help those people who cannot afford big budgets but have a sense of love for exploring their countryside and unexplored nature in Himalayas and other parts of the country. We organiza backpacker programmes at very nominal prices.

We organize different trekking programmes not for only young travelers but also for kids age from 10-15 and also for families. the other trekking programmes are as:

– National Himalayan Trekking Expedition Sarpass

– National Himalayan Trekking Expedition Saurkundi

– Nature Study Dobhi

– Nature Study Dalhousie

– Family Adventure Camping

– Mountain Biking Expedition Jalori Pass



  1. pl let me know the family trekking programme for 2010-2011, with perod, cost and other important information

    • one of the family camping programmes have already completed now there’s only goa’s family camping Jan 11, only 3seats are avail on 4 jan..
      visit our web

  2. Mysterious and Exotic, Nepal holds prime position in the imagination of every mountain lover and trekker in the world. It is home to the bulk of the Himalaya and of course Mt. Everest, planet Earth’s highest peak. In fact, of the world’s 14 highest peaks, 8 are in Nepal. It is also the birthplace of Buddha and home of the famed legendary mountain climbing Sherpa. This mixture of mountains and ancient culture make Nepal a magical land of superlatives and an absolute delight for trekkers.

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