Posted by: yhaindia | May 20, 2010

Sarpass Trekking Guide

We have been organizing treks all over India. You can find a list of their trekking programmes at The Sar Pass trek is one our most popular ones and is held in the month of May. Its a 11 day affair, including 8 days of trekking. As of 2008, the base camp was in Kasol, a little imaginative town on the banks of river Parvati – 42kms from Kullu.

The entire trek is a feast for the mind, body, eyes and soul. The pictures of Sar Pass will definitely blow your socks off. You can see some of our pictures on Picasa web albums.

here are some of the guidelines for all sarpass trekkers:

1. A good pair of hunter shoes is a must, since you will be trekking on ice. Normal rubber cannot take the brutal cold.

2.We provide you with a rucksack, but if you want to carry of your own ofcourse you can.

3.Thermal wear is a must. It costs around Rs.700 is really worth investing into.

4.Goggles and sun screen lotion are a must. You’ll end up with red swollen eyes if you don’t bother to carry goggles.

5.In addition to the hunter shoes, make sure you take a pair of slippers/floaters along during the trek, even if it means a little extra weight. At the end of each day’s trek your shoes will be all wet and soggy. So if you don’t have an additional pair of footwear to walk around the campsite once you dry up, its one big pain.

6. Although we are giving you breakfast, packed lunch and the dinner as well but you should carry some small biscuit packs along with you. So that if in case you or someone else need it you can help.

7.Don’t take plastic plates or boxes as far as possible as they are difficult to wash and degrease. Tissues will sure come in really handy. [And don’t forget the toilet papers].

8.urprisingly, you’ll have network coverage almost along the entire route, though intermittently. The only problem being that you will not have power to recharge you cells. So be sure to carry you cell phones; and use it wisely.

9.Drink as much fluids as you can over the course of the trip. As you will told over and again, its very important that you remain hydrated and that your blood retain its normal consistency. The tea, soup, juice and daliya that you will be given will provide ample opportunity for this.

10.Be sure to explore the area around each campsite. All places, including lunch points have been tastefully chosen. So let the shutter bug in you loose, and at the same time don’t forget to sit back and savour the beauty of nature’s one of a kind the Himalayas!

11.You’ll find lots of interesting people from all walks of life. Get to know each other. You’re bound to find a lot of like minded folks and make some long lasting friends in the course of the 10days.

take care all of you n enjoy to the most extent…

have a safe journey..YHAI


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