Posted by: yhaindia | July 22, 2010

A trek in Himalayas (Sarpaas)..gateway to heaven

going in a private group on our own was one option but the trek looked very difficult to me. Searching for another option we stubled upon YHAi. they offer choice of three locations in the himalayas for trekking in summer and have various other programmes.

We decided to go to the sarpaas trek after looking at the pictures of all the treks and taking time constraint into consideration. the trek starts at the base camp at kasol in H.P.

Imagine coming from the plains in the Indian Summer where temp sres to 47 degrees, i was greeted by various pitched on a small piece of land, next to it was river parvati flowing & making huge sound and facing it were snow capped peaks (Pin Parvati) looming high in distance.

It was so soothing for our frayed nerves of metropolitan life.

before i start describing the trek, a quick word about yhai and their org of this trek. the whole show is run on no profit and no loss basis and by volunteers, who themselves are experienced trekkers. they are called camp leaders. they are stationed at every stop, often two or more people along with the cooking staff. So at every stop they greeted us by ready tent and food for us. there cannot be any greater luxury than this after a day long journey spent on walking through thick forests. there are camp leaders who are coming form 1978.

the food they serve is simple veg food and they do not allow you to smoke and consume alcohol while on trek. Every night there is a campfire if weather permits but no burning of wood.

by Mridul


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