Posted by: yhaindia | June 13, 2011

Mountain Biking Benefits

The benefits of mountain biking for beginners are quite numerous. One of the biggest benefits is the added challenge it provides. You won’t be able to get the same workout from going to the gym, walking, running, swimming, or any other cardiovascular activity for that matter. When you see women mountain biking, pay attention to their legs. Mountain biking is a great way to build leg strength without load bearing. Because you’re seated comfortably on a bike, you’re not going to tire as easily. You’ll burn more calories because of the added challenge. Due to the type of physical activity, your heart rate will increase dramatically and you’ll end up losing weight and gaining muscle.

As you become more acquainted with mountain biking, you’ll notice that you start to lose weight in less time, that is because mountain biking requires more effort due to the rough terrain. If you’ve got bad joints, mountain biking for beginners is an ideal activity because all of your weight will be balanced with no added pressure on your knees.

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